Elevate Your Tacos With These Extra-Special Recipes

Elevate Your Tacos With These Extra-Special Recipes

There's something about the simple taco that makes it irresistible. You can cram all kinds of tasty ingredients into this handy little holdable to make it your own, and you can have it on the table in minutes. No wonder tacos are sold by street vendors everywhere. We've collected some imaginative recipes that take tacos to the next level. Try them and never look at a tortilla the same way again.

The classic original taco

There's nothing like the familiar flavor of Cholula Original Recipe Mix to elevate the taste of a taco. This Cholula Original Tacos recipe uses it to bring together your protein of choice with a warm, slightly charred selection of tortillas (either flour or corn will do).


The best part about this recipe aside from its awesome flavor is the preparation and cooking time. It takes just a quarter of an hour to get this dish from the cupboard to the table. When you have a hungry family to feed, this fast and easy feast is worth its weight in gold.

Chicken tacos

When we think of shredded meat in a taco, we often think of pulled pork. These Chicken Tinga Tacos turn that idea on its head with a pulled chicken option that packs in the flavor.


Smoky adobo sauce steals the show in this dish, complemented with earthy cumin and zesty lime juice. Our Cholula Original Hot Sauce brings the heat, along with some extra chipotle peppers. This takes a little longer to prepare, but you can shorten it by subbing in easy-to-shred rotisserie chicken and taking advantage of its extra seasonings. 

If you prefer a taco that holds its content neatly in place, then these Chicken Taco Bowls are for you. Making bowls out of regular tortillas is surprisingly easy, but creates a great talking point at the table.


This pleasing little dish isn't just about looks. The main Jalapeño chili ingredient in this recipe's Cholula Green Pepper Hot Sauce offsets the spicier heat from the Original Hot Sauce, creating an overall sweeter, gentler flavor. Red onion accentuates the sweetness, while lime juice provides a sharp, tangy layer.

Beef tacos

We have two tasty meals for those that prefer beef in their taco. Our Tacos with A Twist use a slow cooker to create melt-in-the-mouth taco filling infused with cumin, and powered garlic, chili and onion.


The secret to this mouth-watering taco is to shred the beef before serving. Top with some crumbled Cotija cheese for an extra salty flavor. An extra radish salad made with lime juice and onion provides a crunchy, tangy side — or you can do what we do and add it straight into the taco. 

For a recipe that's faster to prepare with a simpler ingredient list try these Cholula Chili Garlic Steak Tacos. Flank steak cut across the grain absorbs our Cholula Chili Garlic Recipe Mix as it fries, giving it a deliciously spicy coating. This fantastic filling scoops straight into warm tortillas, leaving you to top them as you please, and it can be ready in just 15 minutes. 


Seafood tacos

We're not sure what we love most about these Easy Fish Tacos with Chipotle Salsa; the crunchy, spicy grilled fish, or the rich piquant flavor of the Cholula Smoky Chipotle Salsa that makes up the topping. This 15-minute dish turns simple cod fillets into flavor bombs with a mix of spices including McCormick Chipotle Chili Pepper, cumin and cayenne. Cilantro provides fresh notes, while avocado and Mexican crema (a thinner, tangier version of sour cream or crème fraiche) help to cut through the heat. Toast the tortillas to create even more texture for this irresistible dish.


These taco dishes are some of our favorites thanks to their careful blend of texture and spicy flavors. We hope you'll get as much joy from them as we do, and that you'll keep making them again and again.