9 Ways to upgrade your Mexican cooking with Cholula

9 Ways to upgrade your Mexican cooking with Cholula

Best Mexican Recipes

Whether you’re new to exploring Mexican cuisines or you’re looking for easy, authentic flavor in an instant, Cholula can help you add balanced heat and layers of flavor to any dish. Read on for nine delicious authentic Mexican-inspired recipes, from flavor-packed weekday breakfasts, to busy weeknight staple dinners, to crave-worthy cocktails to serve on the patio. 


Easy Chilaquiles

Crispy tortillas smothered in salsa sauce with plenty of melty cheese? Yes, please! This easy and flavorful breakfast comes together in 20 minutes for the perfect start to your day. It gets layered, complex flavor from Cholula Original Salsa — a blend of tomatoes, onion, peppers and seasonings that balance flavor and heat — and creaminess from Mexican crema and Cojita cheese. The fried egg on top is optional, but recommended — along with a generous drizzle of Cholula Original Hot Sauce.


Easy Huevos Rancheros

If you’re serving a crowd or you want something special for Sunday breakfast, give this easy huevos rancheros a try. A traditional Mexican breakfast, huevos rancheros is loaded with all the textures you love — crispy tortillas, creamy refried beans and avocado, and a fried egg with a soft yolk — and gets added layers of authentic flavor from Cholula Original Hot Sauce. With just 40 minutes of cook and prep time, it’s ideal for relaxed week mornings or breakfast-for-dinner.


Mexican Street Corn

This is it: The side dish you’ll want to serve all summer long. It’s got it all: Sweet and smoky grilled summer corn smothered in a bright and tangy lime mayo, creamy Cotija cheese and, of course, a generous drizzle of Cholula Original Hot Sauce. It’s spicy and satisfying, it makes a delicious snack or side dish, and it pairs well with virtually any main course. Best of all, it’s ready in just 20 minutes.


Cholula Original Tacos

Get ready for the most delicious Taco Tuesday of the year. These hearty tacos get their flavor from Cholula Original Recipe Mix, an authentic blend of smoky peppers, paprika, oregano and other seasonings. It’s moderately spicy, adding just enough kick to make things interesting, and works equally well with ground turkey, chicken or beef.


Chipotle Fish Tacos

If you’re looking for a smokier take on tacos — or you just need an ultra-flavorful weeknight dinner — give these fish tacos a try. Made with Cholula Smoky Chipotle Salsa, this tacos layer the flavors of smoky chipotle peppers, fire-roasted tomatoes and seasonings over delicate cod, creating a meal that’s vibrant and spicy and light and refreshing all at once. It works equally well with any white fish, including sea bass and mahi mahi, and the seasoning tastes delicious with chicken, too. 


Loaded Beef Nachos

Who doesn’t love nacho night? These ultra-snackable nachos are loaded with all the fixins: avocado, black beans, zippy cilantro, ground meat seasoned with Cholula Original Recipe Mix and, of course, lots of cheese (double servings welcome). They’re crispy, they’re creamy, they’re cheesy — and, if you add some fresh chopped tomatoes and green onion, they’re seriously refreshing too. Sharing is encouraged, but we wouldn’t blame you for keeping these all to yourself!


Pozole Verde

Meet your new favorite Mexican comfort food. This traditional hominy-based Mexican stew features pork simmered in Cholula Salsa Verde, chili, oregano and a spate of other seasonings until it becomes melt-in-your-mouth tender. Refreshing toppings, like thinly sliced cabbage and radish, add just enough crunch while still letting the natural flavor of the pork take center stage. Best of all, this tastes just as good made in a slow cooker as it does in a dutch oven, for stress-free meal prep. 

original-michelada-desktop (1).webp

Original Michelada

If you’ve never tried a michelada — a beer-based cocktail popular in Mexico — you’ve been missing out. And all you need is five ingredients to make your new favorite summer cocktail. A michelada combines Mexican lager beer with savory tomato sauce and zippy lime juice, plus a teaspoon or two of Cholula Original Hot Sauce, depending on your spice tolerance. The result is a vibrantly flavorful cocktail that pairs well with any of the sides and entrees on this list. 


Spicy Pineapple Mezcal Margarita

Let’s face it: Sometimes, nothing hits the spot like a homemade marg. And this spicy pineapple version puts a new twist on a classic. Pineapple and orange juices combine with tequila, agave and orange liquor to add sweetness and tropical flavor to your drink, while Cholula Reserva Tequila & Lime Hot Sauce adds irresistible citrusy heat. If you’re craving a little added smokiness, garnish your drink with a grilled pineapple slice or lime wedge.


Mexican Dessert Recipes

Complete your Mexican feast with delectable Mexican desserts from Cholula!