Fun Ideas

Send invitations in the form of ticket stubs.
Commercial bingo. Hand out blank bingo boards and have guests fill out which companies will be advertising during the game. As the commercials come on, people check off their boards until there is a winner.
Try a different flavor of Cholula Hot Sauce each quarter. Have Original on wings in the first quarter, Chili Lime on shrimp in the second quarter, Chipotle on kabobs in the third quarter and Chili Garlic on nachos the close out the game.
Stay in the game. Create a questionnaire with 10-15 random items (i.e. Will the coin toss be heads or tails? Will the first play be a pass or run?). At the end of the game, the person with the most right answers wins a prize.
Have the hosts dress as referees.
Potluck party. All guests must bring a dish using the same ingredient. Say, perhaps...Cholula Hot Sauce. The dish that is the most creative and tastes the best wins a prize.
During halftime do charades of football penalties/gestures and have people guess what they are (i.e. First down).
Have an area for kids to play. A football video game always seems to work. A fun football craft will keep them busy and give them a creative souvenir to take home.
Move any fragile or breakable items from the room. With one errant high-five, grandma's vase will be headed for a date with the hardwood.
Put some life-sized decals of star players on the walls. Don't try to tackle them.
Create a press conference-type of backdrop and have your guests take a picture in front of it. These will make for great "Thank You" cards.
During the pre-game and post-game, play the soundtrack to NFL Films to get everyone in the mood.
Challenge the neighbors to a full contact football game on your front lawn. Be sure to have the local paramedics on call.

Party Planner


Invitations should have already gone out. If not, what are you waiting for? Time is a tickin’! Don't get flagged for delay of game.


Start making a shopping list and whipping up which dishes you'll be serving using your Cholula recipes. Consider the event - grab and go foods are the best for this party setting. Survey the cabinets and fridge to see what you already have and what you need. Check with your guests to see if anyone has any special dietary needs. Make sure ingredients in your dishes are fresh. One bad onion can ruin the entire night.


Buy your decorations and any bowls or serving utensils/platters you might need. Don't wait until the last minute. Account for any surprise dishes that people bring unannounced. Serving any hot dishes? Get all of your crock pots and sternos in line.


Now it's time to stock up on your drinks. Be sure that you don't need to make any sort of runs during the game - that is rude to your guests and you'll miss the action. Make sure you have enough glasses to serve your guests. Try not to serve drinks in plastic cups. Yes, it's a football party but let's try and class it up. Make sure to put ice and garnish fruit on your shopping list. Did you know that ice is the number one thing that party hosts often forget?


It's shopping day. Hit your favorite store and run the aisles. Be smart and look for sales. Bring along any coupons you have. Think about bringing along a helper to divide and conquer. Be sure to check off your list as you go. Nothing is more frustrating then getting home and realizing that you forgot your Cholula (not like that would ever happen).


Nothing helps a party run smoother than by getting as much prep work done as you can. When you are entertaining, you want to be socializing - not cooking. Look through your recipes and see what can be prepped. Measure out wet and dry ingredients. Also, if you live in a cold weather environment, that patio table can serve as an extended refrigerator if you are pressed for space. If you have enough time, you should put out your decorations.


It's game day and your time to shine. Avoid all of that pre-game television drivel and focus on the task at hand - making this the best big game party ever. Get your tables and chairs set up (make sure people have good sight lines to the TV). Set out the silverware, plates, napkins, glasses and drink items. Now get cooking. Start with your cold foods first and then make the warm dishes closer to game time. Be sure to have everything set about an hour before people arrive. This will give you a chance to unwind. Now enjoy the game and your company.