Cholula® Hot Sauce makes food more exciting with a celebration of uniquely crafted flavors which enhance foods’ flavors without dominating. Everything tastes better than you thought possible when you Uncap Real Flavor.

"The Cheese Omelette"

Adding a fresh twist to breakfast is easy when you Uncap Real Flavor.

Each of our five distinctive varieties are packed with bursts of real flavor from our exclusive blend of peppers and signature spices.

Every flavor is topped with our iconic wooden cap, a symbol of our cherished traditions, commitment to quality and unmatched craftsmanship.

In a few quick steps you’ll see how easy it is to Uncap Real Flavor with Cholula Hot Sauce.

When time is tight, we suggest a few quick pairings and recipes that Uncap Real Flavor. Just a few splashes can elevate even the most simple foods. Try exploring on your own!

Did You Know?

Cholula Chili Lime Hot Sauce helps keep your guacamole from browning and tastes great too.

Did You Know?

A chipotle is a smoke-dried jalapeño pepper. It comes from the word chipotle which means smoked chili pepper.

Did You Know?

The Guinness World Record for most jalapeños eaten in a minute is 16 by Alfredo Hernandes at La Costeña Feel the Heat Challenge in Chicago.

Did You Know?

A typical head of garlic will yield 15-20 bulbs on average and according to legend, keeps the vampires away.

Did You Know?

Cholula Hot Sauce Original is most recognized by its iconic wooden cap and artistic Mexican label.

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